If you would like to receive claims payment faster, enroll in Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) payments!!

Did you know that effective January 1, 2014, QualCare began offering electronic payments (EFT) to providers via Automated Clearing House? If you would like to receive EFT payments, please enroll online or download an enrollment form at www.emdeon.com/epayment/enrollment.

You MUST enroll with Emdeon to authorize QualCare to disperse payments through EFT, even if you already receive electronic payments from other carriers through Emdeon. If you have already called Emdeon or enrolled online, no further action is needed.

When enrolling for EFT, reference your Vendor ID number listed on your Explanation of Payment (EOP) and enter it into the "Trading Partner ID"  field on the enrollment form. If your Vendor ID number has a suffix, please include the hyphen with no spaces (i.e., 123456789-001).

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions regarding EFT enrollment, please go to the Emdeon website at www.emdeon.com/epayment/enrollment or call (866) 506-2830 to speak to an Emdeon representative.

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